Research*EU Magazine | Number 69 (February 2018)

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Series Details Number 69
Publication Date February 2018
ISSN 1977-4028
EC ZZ-AC-18-001-EN-N
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New Technologies for fighting crime


The special feature section of this Research*EU magazine takes a look at cyber security. In the end, it is and always will be a race: one that opposes criminals on one side, to authorities, industry and involved citizens on the other side. The tools for winning this race are technological breakthroughs, innovation and cooperation/widespread adoption. Although it may seem like this issue  focuses on the former aspect, it actually puts emphasis on all three.

Our usual sections on health, society, energy, environment, aquatic resources, industry, information and communication technology, security and fundamental research are also featured in this magazine – which closes with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.


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