Research*EU Magazine | Number 70 (March 2018)

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Publication Date March 2018
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The dawn of the graphene age


This month’s issue of the Research*EU Magazine puts the spotlight on some of the latest projects exploiting the potential of combining graphene with other composites.. From smart textiles to graphene reinforced polymers, health monitoring wearables and position sensors, our special feature section showcases how graphene can cast a wide net across multiple industrial sectors.

This section is followed by the usual thematic ones on health, society, transport, environment, agriculture and forestry, industry, information and communication technology, space and fundamental research.



  • How the body fights infection can provide clues to stomach cancer risk
  • Understanding the root causes of mental disorders
  • New solutions for diagnosing and treating antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Eye care expertise for an ageing population
  • First digital therapist enables stroke patients to recover at home


  • Lessons for an economic crisis of the past
  • Discovering the visual culture of humanitarianism
  • The impact of post-secondary education on labour market outcomes
  • Could farming be the reason behind post-Neolithic wealth disparities?

Transport and Mobility

  • Designing the semi-truck of the future
  • Intelligent air bags ready for market deployment
  • Commuting becomes faster, cheaper, cleaner and more social
  • Network for noise

Climate Change and Environment

  • Understanding sediment transport protects against climate change effects
  • Bringing joined-up thinking to urban planning
  • Impact of global warming on tropical forest soils

Food and Natural Resources

  • Novel methods and products for better global monitoring of agriculture
  • Enhanced satellite images extend precision agriculture
  • Ensuring the quality of chicken meat produced in the EU

Industrial Technologies

  • New materials for lighter, more efficient structures
  • How unveiling zeolite’s structural development will benefit future synthetic designs
  • New turbine technology to boost micromachining efficiency
  • Nanotech-enhanced Ayurveda for healthier food
  • Graphene-reinforced polymers ready for commercialisation
  • Graphene quantum dot detectors for next-generation health monitoring wearables

Digital Economy

  • Understanding resistance drift in amorphous semiconductors
  • Optimising broadband internet connections
  • Sound-to-notation app makes noise in the music industry


  • Taking additive manufacturing into the space age
  • Discovery of a ring around the dwarf planet Haumea
  • Mapping dark matter in the universe
  • Shared virtual reality workplace for space scientists in Europe

Fundamental Research

  • New research shows phonons are crucial in quantum interactions
  • Genetic tracking provides clues on the development of the brain’s complex circuitry
  • DNA can carry memories of traumatic stress down the generations
  • New string theory models of the early Universe
  • LbL technology applied to graphene oxide
  • Using graphene for flawless tunnelling accelerometers
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