Research*EU Magazine | Number 93 (June 2020)

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Series Details Number 93
Publication Date June 2020
ISSN 2599-7920
EC ZZ-AG-20-005-EN-N
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Special Feature: A Quantum Leap Forward for European Fundamental Research


This issue's special feature focuses on groundbreaking EU-funded research in quantum technologies, including a number of projects development in this field across Europe. TheĀ Project of the Month meets the H-Unique team, who work to create an application that could identify child abusers just by using image of their hands. Life After catches up with a scientist who is dedicated to enhancing international cooperation in the field of nuclear safety. The thematic sections provide a roundup of EU-funded research results across a broad spectrum of subjects. Finally, CORDIS remains dedicated to keeping readers informed on how European researchers are supporting scientific endeavours in the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.


    • Health
      • A European front on Organ-on-Chip technology
      • Nanoparticles deliver drugs directly to the brain
      • Time to act on passive smoking as new evidence of health risks emerges
    • Society
      • Tales of heroic adventure lend flavour to our cultural identity - but what if they're fake?
      • Traditional culinary habits die hard
    • Energy
      • A giant leap to commercialisation for residential fuel cell combined heat and power
      • Big Data replaces eye for high-resolution corrosion assessment of oil rig structures
      • Understanding psychological, socioeconomic and financial factors that influence energy efficiency
    • Life After...
      • Catching up with ALISA: A continued emphasis on international cooperation and innovation research for better nuclear safety
    • Climate Change and Environment
      • Antarctic pre-drilling survey prepares for the climate lessons of 'Oldest Ice'
      • What global warming and efforts to adapt mean for human health
      • Closed loop toilet can turn urine into treated
    • Special Feature
      • A quantum leap forward for European fundamental research
    • Food and Natural Resources
      • Versatile CleanPack delivers cleaner food packaging, boost SME competitiveness
      • Stopping olive oil fraud with the help of blockchain
      • Biopesticides can boost global food supplies, making agriculture greener, safer and more efficient
    • Industrial Technologies
      • A smart app creation space for virtual factories
      • Redefining waste, re-imagining textiles
    • Digital Economy
      • Resilient, secure and adaptive cloud computing
      • Making fitness fun with the first wearables for body motion gaming
    • Security
      • Sniffer sensors locate home-made bombs
      • New technology for drone-based emergency response missions
    • Project of the Month
      • Protecting vulnerable children by identifying child abusers from images of their hands
    • Fundamental Research
      • Designing molecular switches to build cell polarisation from the ground up
      • Yeast model gives new insights into glycan regulation in eukaryotes
      • New insights into highly symmetric partial linear space
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