Resilience, Deterrence and Defence: Building strong cybersecurity for the EU

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Joint Communication published by the European Commission and the High-Representative for Foreign and Security Policy on 13 September 2017, outlining the challenges facing the European Union (EU) on cyber-security and setting out a strategy to tackle the threats. This Communication was published in the context of the State of the European Union (SOTEU) address.

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The approach set out in this Joint Communication aims to reinforce the European Union's position to face threats relating to cyber security and the use of cyberspace for warfare. The importance of protecting the EU against cyber attacks was recognised by the European Council in June 2017, as well as in the EU's Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy. The importance of cyber defence cooperation was also highlighted by the European Commission's Reflection Paper on the Future of European Defence.

The Communication sets out the scale of the challenges facing the European Union, and the range of measures that the EU can take. It puts forward targeted measures aimed at further strengthening the EU's cyber security structures and capabilities in a coordinated manner, with the full cooperation of the Member States and the different EU structures concerned and respecting their competencies and responsibilities.

The Council of the European Union adopted a set of conclusions concerning this Joint Communication on 20 November.

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