Routes to a Resilient European Union. Interdisciplinary European Studies

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Publication Date 2022
ISBN 978-3-030-93165-0
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The fifth volume of the Interdisciplinary European Studies series aims to explore the EU's pursuit of societal resilience and its role in the transition to a green economy. It brings together scholars from economics, law, and political science to provide insights related to climate change and the protection of the environment, the role of innovation in the green economy, resilience of national public health systems after the COVID-19 pandemic, regulatory resilience in the face of financial instability, and immigration.

All chapters are based on up-to-date research, succinct assessment of the current state of affairs, and ongoing debates. They conclude with policy recommendations for decision-makers on European and national levels.

Table of Contents:

  • The EU and the Precarious Routes to Political, Economic and Social Resilience | Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Per Ekman, Anna Michalski & Lars Oxelheim
  • Improved Framework Conditions for a More Entrepreneurial, Innovative and Resilient EU | Niklas Elert & Magnus Henrekson
  • Towards a Climate-Neutral Union by 2050? The European Green Deal, Climate Law, and Green Recovery | Karin Bäckstrand
  • Legal Preconditions for an Environmentally Sustainable European Union | David Langlet
  • COVID-19 and the EU’s Ability to Manage and Prevent Health Crises | Louise Bengtsson
  • The Demographic Challenge Facing the EU: Roads to Sustainability in an Ageing Europe | Titti Mattsson
  • How Can a Banking Union Make the EU More Resilient to Crises? | Jens Forssbæck
  • EU Resilience in the Internal Market After Financial Crisis: Political Resolve and Legal Responsiveness | Carl Fredrik Bergström
  • Immigration and Asylum in the EU: A Resilient Policy for Integration? | Karin Borevi
  • Intra-European Labour Migration for a Resilient EU | Erik Sjödin & Eskil Wadensjö
  • Conclusion: The EU and the Search for Sustainability and Resilience | Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Per Ekman, Anna Michalski & Lars Oxelheim
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