Scottish, Welsh government heads aim to stop ‘blatant power grab’ after Brexit

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Responding to the introduction of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill by the United Kingdom Government on the 13 July 2017, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones issued a joint critical statement.

'The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill does not return powers from the EU to the devolved administrations, as promised. It returns them solely to the UK government and Parliament, and imposes new restrictions on the Scottish Parliament and National Assembly for Wales.

On that basis, the Scottish and Welsh Governments cannot recommend that legislative consent is given to the bill as it currently stands'. Following a meeting in Edinburgh on the 22 August 2017 First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones and First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon agreed to work together on amendments to the UK Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill.

The changes would be designed to protect devolved powers and responsibilities and provide effective powers to ensure devolved law works on withdrawal from the EU.

The First Ministers also committed to coordinate advice to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly to ensure that both were fully informed of the risks posed by the UK Government Bill and the proposed changes.

Both governments had previously made clear that they could not recommend legislative consent was given to the UK Government’s proposals as they imposed unacceptable constraints on current devolved powers, and were impractical and unworkable in practice.

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