Scrutinising Brexit is a mammoth task. Here’s some advice for Hilary Benn and Angus MacNeil

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The International Trade Committee met for the first time on the 4 November 2016 after its membership was formally agreed by the House of Commons. The eleven-member committee has been established to scrutinise the expenditure, administration and policy of the newly formed Department for International Trade.

The Exiting the European Union Committee examines the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department of Exiting the European Union.

It announced its first inquiry examining the UK's negotiating objectives for the withdrawal from the EU on the 3 November 2016.

Hilary Benn and Angus MacNeil are now in charge of the two most important of the many parliamentary committees in the United Kingdom Parliament scrutinising Brexit. Sophie Wilson urges them to act quickly. The Departments for Exiting the EU and Trade are already hard at work, and only 17 sitting weeks remain before the March 2017 deadline for Article 50 to be triggered. And getting out of Westminster to talk to people around the country – and abroad – should be a priority for committee members.

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