Second report assessing the implementation of the Directive on enhancing port security

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Publication Date 18/11/2013
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The main objective of Directive 2005/65/EC on enhancing port security was to complement the measures adopted in 2004 by means of Regulation (EC) No 725/2004 on enhancing ship and port facility security. The scope of application of that Regulation was limited to cover security measures on board vessels and the immediate interface between vessels and ports. The Directive complements the mechanism provided for by establishing a security system for all of the port area, in order to ensure a high and equal level of security for all European ports.

The objective of the Directive is to improve security in areas of ports not covered by the Regulation and also to ensure that the enhancement of port security can support the security measures taken under the Regulation. Whilst responsibility for the implementation of security measures at port facility level essentially falls to the port operator, the appropriate security measures at port level are, as a priority, the responsibility of the port authority and those authorities which are responsible for keeping public order and safety.

Article 19 of the Directive states that the Commission is to assess compliance with the Directive and the effectiveness of measures taken by 15 December 2008 and every five years thereafter. The first report was adopted in January 2009. This second report on progress made in terms of implementing the Directive describes the measures which have been taken in order to promote the implementation of standardised port security measures across the Union, progress made during the last five-year reference period and the continued problems which have arisen during the implementation period.

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