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There's been a lot of talk about Smart Defence. Talk about how it is needed to plug gaps, save money and adapt to the economic crisis. This edition of NATO Review aims to go beyond the talk - and show some action. Smart Defence in action - the savings it makes, the collaboration it brings and the mindsets it tackles - may be the best advert for more of the same.

Features comprise:

+ Helicopters - and why they’re important
Despite often being expensive, high maintenance and tricky to operate, armed forces know they need helicopters. Whether it’s getting troops in, or the wounded out, helicopters are often the ‘go to’ choice. NATO Review looks at nations’ ongoing need for helicopters – and how they’re making it easier to use them together.

+ Modern defence: better smart than sexy?
A huge array of equipment that has flowed into Afghanistan over more than a decade must now leave in more or less 12 months. This means calling in some specialist kit to get the job done, including massive air transport planes. NATO Review looks at how several countries have worked together to share this kit, saving money and time.

+ How to airlift armed forces
NATO is redeploying vast amounts of equipment from Afghanistan, some of it by air. This infographic shows how some countries have used the Ruslan plane to help - and why it is so important.

+ Photostory: Smart Defence - projects in the pipeline
What's the next activity we can expect from Smart Defence? What difference will real projects make? Here we outline eight projects which are coming online soon and highlight the potential benefits.

+ Smart Defence Ministers?
How much has Smart Defence been embraced by the men who oversee national armed forces? NATO Review asks two Defence Ministers how they are specialising as part of Smart Defence - and how they see the project.

+ The 'fuel soldiers'
Getting fuel to and from the right places during operations is one of the areas where NATO has a Smart Defence project. Nathalie Tocabens looks at how the French general staff have taken this project forward

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