Special issue: Toward a European social topography

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Series Details Vol.20, No.3, 2018
Publication Date June 2018
ISSN 1461-6696 (print) | 1469-8307 (online)
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Articles in this issue:

+ Toward a European social topography: the contemporary relevance of Pierre Bourdieu's concept of 'social space' | Dieter Vandebroeck
+ Political distinction: searching for a structural similarity between class and politics in Flanders (Belgium) | Kobe De Keere
+ Class and politics in twenty-first century Norway: a homology of positions and position-taking | Magne Paalgard Flemmen & Hedda Haakestad
+ Modes of reproduction in the Swedish economic elite: education strategies of the children of the top one per cent | Andreas Melldahl
+ European top management careers: a field-analytical approach | Felix B├╝hlmann, Eric Davoine & Claudio Ravasi
+ The social space, the symbolic space and masculine domination: the gendered correspondence between class and lifestyles in the UK | Will Atkinson
+ Viewpoints and points of view: situating symbolic boundary drawing in social space | Vegard Jarness
+ Drafting the 'time space': attitudes towards time among prep school students | Muriel Darmon

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