Tackling Chronic Diseases in the EU (Special reports)

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Special reports published by EurActiv in April 2014.

+ Experts mull ways to reverse chronic diseases trend
Cancer, diabetes, mental disorders, and chronic respiratory illnesses account for 86% of deaths, and 77% of the disease burden in Europe, with the main risk factors being tobacco use, alcohol abuse, poor diets and lack of physical activity.

+ EU countries change health strategies to tackle ageing population
Though Europeans’ life expectancies are increasing, a growing number of elederly people is also experiencing more years living with a chronic disease, which is a big challenge for future societies.

+ ‘Smarter’ investments can manage and prevent chronic diseases
With years of austerity cuts in the health sector, many EU member states are unfit to face the growing burden of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and conditions linked to obesity such as diabetes and bad cholesterol.

+ Data shows chronic diseases are ‘unfair’ in the EU
Chronic diseases are in many ways ‘unfair’ in the EU, experts say, but unfairness and discrimination of patients can be dealt with through disease management, prevention and sharing of best practices.

Less protected, less well detected and more exposed, women are more likely to be affected by cardiovascular diseases, which are responsible for 42% of female deaths in Europe, according to studies seen by EurActiv in May 2014.

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