The Ambiguities of Franco-British Defense Cooperation

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Commentary feature in which author suggested that while Europe needed more military cooperation between London and Paris, the prospects for significant joint action in the future appeared slim.

The Commentary was written in the context of the holding of the 35th UK-France Summit, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, 18 January 2018.


The 35th UK-France Summit took place in Sandhurst, UK, on 18 January 2018. Created in 1976 the France-British Summit is a regular meeting between the President of France and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and their government ministers.

Its objective is to strengthen strategic bilateral cooperation in the following areas:

+ Defence
+ Security
+ Counter-terrorism
+ Energy
+ Climate and environment
+ Education
+ Research and innovation

The 2018 Summit took place in the context of the UK negotiating to leave the European Union (Brexit), with Britain claiming it still wanted to maintain a close security relationship with its European partners, and President's Macron's European Intervention Initiative.

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