The EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy. The Quest for Democracy

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Publication Date 2012
ISBN 978-0-41-550854-4
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This book reorients the study of European foreign and security policy towards the question of democracy. Blending insights from international relations and democratic theory, it aims to enhance our understanding of the issues at stake.

The main structures, the institutional setting and the procedures that govern decision-making in this domain are examined. In this way, the book supplements studies with a more traditional focus on the substance of foreign policy. What are the democratic challenges in this distinct field of policy-making?

The Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the European Union (EU) is usually assumed to be intergovernmental. Contributors to this book examine the extent to which a move beyond intergovernmentalism has taken place, how this manifests itself, and what may be the democratic implications. While the EU’s international outlook testifies to a quest for democracy, the institutions and procedures that govern decision-making are found wanting.

This book was originally published as a special issue of Journal of European Public Policy.

Table of Contents

1. INTRODUCTION, The EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy: The Quest for Democracy, Helene Sjursen
2. Not so Intergovernmental After All? On Democracy and Integration in European Foreign and Security Policy, Helene Sjursen
3. Invisible and Unaccountable? National Representatives and Council Officials in EU Foreign Policy, Ana E. Juncos and Karolina Pomorska
4. The EU as a Community of Practice: Foreign-policy Communications in the COREU Network, Federica Bicchi
5. The Political Theory and Practice of Parliamentary Participation in the Common Security and Defence Policy, Christopher Lord
6. A Contradiction in Terms? NGOs, Democracy, and European Foreign and Security Policy, Jutta Joachim and Matthias Dembinski
7. Governance between Expertise and Democracy: The Case of European Security, Erik Oddvar Eriksen
8. Democratic Foundations of EU Foreign Policy: Narratives and the Myth of EU Exceptionalism, Ben Tonra

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