The governance of corporate groups

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Publication Date 2000
ISBN 0-521-66070-X
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Starting from a discussion of theoretical underpinning of the place companies occupy in society, this book explores the consequences of the adherence to free market contractualist theory, including the lack of regulatory control of a sufficiently robust nature. The absence of a concept of governance of groups is commented on from a comparative perspective and the consequences of this absence for the conflict of laws considered. The tragic consequences of globalisation by transnationals, including polarisation of income and environmental damage is highlighted and a possible legal framework to prevent future damage is suggested.

This book is part of 'Cambridge Studies in Corporate Law', a major new initiative in offering an academic platform for discussion of issues relating to the creation, operation and management of corporations and their relationships with other legal persons. Under the general editorship of Professor Barry Rider at the University of London, the series will be international in its choice of both authors and subjects, and aims to publish the best original scholarship in the field.

The chapters are: Theoretical underpinnings of companies and their governance; The governance of groups: some comparative perspectives; Conflict of laws and the governance of groups; Theories and models of the regulation of corporations and groups; Transnational corporations out of control; A way forward?

Janet Dine is Professor of Law at the University of Essex and Senior Visiting Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.

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