The Islamic Veil in Europe

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There has been a debate across Europe and in many European countries with the issue of the Muslim veil - in various forms such as the body-covering burqa and the niqab, which covers the face apart from the eyes.

The debate embraced aspects of religious freedom, female equality, secular traditions. Some feared it as an ad to facilitate of terrorism.

The veil issue was part of a wider debate about multiculturalism in Europe, as many politicians argued that there needed to be a greater effort to assimilate ethnic and religious minorities. Some felt that restrictions on the use of the veil was a form of Islamophobia.

This ESO In Focus highlights information on the topic and developments in specific European countries.

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Developments in specific European countries

+ Austria
+ Belgium
+ Bulgaria
+ Denmark
+ France
+ Germany
+ Italy
+ The Netherlands
+ Norway
+ Russia
+ Spain
+ Switzerland
+ Turkey
+ United Kingdom

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