Tory leadership: Theresa May tops first vote but Fox and Crabb out / Theresa May set to be UK PM after Andrea Leadsom quits

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The first round of the contest to choose a new leader of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom (and thus UK Prime Minister) following the EU Referendum took place on the 5 July 2016.

Theresa May, the existing Home Secretary got 165 of 329 votes cast by Tory MPs. Andrea Leadsom came second with 66 and Michael Gove got 48. Liam Fox was eliminated in fifth place. Stephen Crabb came fourth and dropped out.

Further voting would narrow the field to two. This happened on the 7 July 2016 when Michael Gove was eliminated. The eventual outcome between Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom, decided by Conservative Party members, was due on 9 September 2016.

However, on the 11 July 2016 Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the contest to become Conservative Party leader. David Cameron announced that Theresa May would become Prime Minister on the 13 July 2016.

There was some speculation as to whether Mrs May would at some stage call a general election to give her term of office as Prime Minister legitimacy.

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