Treasury Select Committee Hearing – The economic and financial costs and benefits of UK’s EU membership: Mark Carney and Jon Cunliffe

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Publication Date 08/03/2016
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The Bank of England's Governor Mark Carney, and colleagues, gave evidence to the House of Common's Treasury Select Committee's Hearing on the The economic and financial costs and benefits of UK's EU membership' on the 8 March 2016.

The Governor also submitted a letter to the Committee which summarised the Bank's assessment of how EU membership affected the Bank of England's ability to achieve its statutory objectives, which is contained in its autumn 2015 report on 'EU membership and the Bank of England'. The letter also considered how the Settlement agreed by the David Cameron at the European Council in February 2016 might influence this. An Annex to the letter included the Bank's view on an effective subsidiarity mechanism and a further Annex contained material from the Bank's Report which is relevant to the question of the overall cost of EU regulation.

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