Western Balkans and the Gulf: interregionalism in the making

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Series Details Vol.23, No.3, 2018, p.340-363
Publication Date September 2018
ISSN 1362-9395 (print) | 1743-9418 (online)
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This study presumes that recently evolving relations between the Western Balkans and the Gulf can be investigated through the neo-regionalist view in terms of a variety of facilitating factors. These give this bi-regional phenomenon the characteristics of ‘interregionalism in the making’, with visible power asymmetries.

Whereas earlier studies on newly emerging interregional relations were mostly descriptive, policy-oriented and even speculative due to the absence of empirical evidence, this study makes use of first-hand sources like print or digital media to reveal the pace and content of bi-regional relations.

It is suggested that the current and prospective forms of bi-regional relations between the Western Balkans and the Gulf can be expanded through facilitating factors involving the concerns of Gulf countries to reinforce their international political profiles and establish lucrative economic partnerships.

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