Why Europe needs a new global strategy

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Europe needs a new foreign policy strategy. Many of the approaches that worked so well for the EU in the past have become ineffectual and counter-productive. The EU’s official strategy - the European Security Strategy - reached its 10th anniversary in December 2013 but Europe and the world have changed so dramatically in the last decade that the EU cannot simply stick to its outdated strategy.

Europe is losing power and influence as a foreign policy actor and needs to develop a new set of priorities how it wants to engage with the rest of the world. In December 2013 the European Council were discuss defence issues for the first time since the euro crisis began – and European leaders should use this opportunity to commission a major strategic rethink.

A new ECFR paper – Why Europe needs a new global strategy - identifies 6 key issues that are holding Europe back and need to be addressed:

1. European soft power struggles in an era of global awakening;

2. European aid and economic assistance are losing impact in an era of big spenders;

3. 'Effective multilateralism' is harder in an era of neo-Westphalian rising powers;

4. Liberal interventionism is more difficult because of fatigue and defence cuts;

5. US disengagement is changing the transatlantic relationship;

6. Economic power alone is not enough in Asia.

Source Link http://ecfr.eu/page/-/ECFR90_STRATEGY_BRIEF_AW.pdf
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