About ESO

ESO is a free-access database and information service, which aims to support research and understanding on any matter relating to Europe. It offers curated information and a wide range of sources, enabling information provision to users holding different levels of expertise.

The database features primary and official sources, commentary and analyses, summaries and media reports, journal articles, blog posts, monographs and textbooks, among other sources. All gathered in one place for a comprehensive picture on any topic of interest. ESO also offers its own set of information guides.

More about European Sources Online

Deutsche Welle Documentary: Antisemitism in Europe (2018)

As national leaders attempt an agreement on the #EUTopJobs, European Sources Online is putting together the latest info and analyses on the selection process.

Check it out: https://t.co/waxKbLoLD5

The UK votes today for the 2019 European Parliament elections! If you are registered, do not forget to vote! The elections are taking place across the Member States between 23 and 26 May. Results will be known on 26 May.


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