Regionalism and Separatism in the European Union

A brief bibliography of information sources about current issues of regionalism and separatism in the European Union with a particular focus on Catalonia, Flanders and Scotland. This guide was compiled in connection with the event Regionalism and Separatism in the European Union held at the Cardiff EDC on 21 February 2013.


Flag of EuropeIntroductory information

Across Europe, leaders fear spectre of separatists breaking countries apart The Guardian, 22.11.12

A question of identity FT Magazine, 23.11.12

Catalonia, Scotland, and Flanders force separatism back on the EU agenda GMF Blog, 06.12.12

Scottish independence: Spain could veto EU membership Huffington Post, 06.12.12

Towards a plausible EU response to breakaway regions EUObserver, 08.01.13

Could Scottish, Catalan independence votes reshape Europe? Reuters, 29.01.2013

Catalonia is following Scotland towards independence referendum in 2014 The Independent, 20.02.13

Further information on the role of regions in Europe from European Sources Online


flag of CataloniaCatalonia

Immigrants and youth drive Catalan independence movement Reuters, 24.11.12

Independence, the Catalan way Huffington Post, 18.02.13

Catalonia independence movement causing pain in Spain The National, 02.02.13

Catalan Day. Hundreds of thousands form human chain for Catalan independence El País 11.09.13

Sovereignty Declaration approved by the Catalonian Parliament El Parlament, 23.01.13 [in Spanish]

Further information on Catalonia from European Sources Online


Flag of FlandersFlanders

Flanders encouraged to seek independence from Belgium by EU’s growing power The Telegraph, 28.06.09

Linguistic differences color Belgian vote DW, 12.10.12

Nationalist strength mean Belgium could face break up BBC, 02.01.13

Clear vision for a Belgian confederation De Tijd, 31.10.13

Further information on Flanders from European Sources Online


Flag of ScotlandScotland

How does Scotland’s referendum fit into David Cameron’s EU plans? The Guardian, 27.01.13

British jurists: independent Scotland would lose EU status EUObserver, 12.02.13

Scottish independence: ‘Transition plan’ outlined BBC, 05.02.13

The Scottish Question: The notion that constitutional politics can be separated from ‘ordinary’ politics is unconvincing EuroppBlog, 05.10.13

Scottish Government websites: Scotland’s Referendum  Scottish Constitutional Reform

UK Government website: Scotland Analysis

Further information on Scotland from European Sources Online