2018 report on the application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

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Publication Date 2019
ISBN 978-92-76-03376-9
EC DS-AL-19-001-EN-C
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This report informs people about situations in which they can rely on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, explains the role EU institutions and Member States’ authorities play in making fundamental rights a reality in their lives, and highlights how the fundamental rights enshrined in the Charter are relevant across a range of policies for which the EU is responsible.

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This annual report is intended to serve as a factual basis for an informed dialogue between all EU institutions and the Member States on the application of the Charter. The report covers the year 2018, giving an overview of instances where the European institutions promoted and took into account the Charter in their legislative and policy work. It further explains where Member States were required to respect it when they implemented EU law. This year’s report marks the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. In covering the full range of Charter provisions on an annual basis, the annual report aims to track progress and identify areas where further efforts are still necessary and where new concerns are arising.

Source Link https://publications.europa.eu/en/publication-detail/-/publication/784b02a4-a1f2-11e9-9d01-01aa75ed71a1
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