2019 European Parliament election in Croatia

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Reports, analyses and information on the electoral campaign and the aftermath of the European Parliament election held in Croatia on 26 May 2019.

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Croatia is the youngest member state of the European Union, which joined the bloc only in 2013.

According to the polls, the conservative HDZ was expected to maintain its pole position with five MEP seats for Croatia for the European People's Party (EPP). Social democrat SDP lost significant support in recent years. Eurosceptic Human Shield (ŽZ), Most and a new centre-left coalition called Amsterdam, composed of several mostly left-wing parties, were expected to win one seat each.

The biggest focus of the electoral campaign was put on Croatia's equality in the EU and the problem of youth brain drain.

The Social Democrats did better than expected with 18,7% in the election, while ruling HDZ took 22,7%. An independent coalition led by Mislav Kolakušić surprisingly won one seat, but also the Amsterdam coalition and ŽZ gained one seat each. MOST did not pass the 5% threshold.

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