2019 European Parliament election in Romania

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Reports, analyses and information on the electoral campaign and the aftermath of the European Parliament election held in Romania on 26 May 2019.

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Polls suggested the ruling centre-left PSD could lose many of its votes, while its main opposition party PNL gained support in the month before the election, which could lead to a close tie to become the strongest force between both parties. Former Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș, who headed the anti-corruption social liberal Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (PLUS) formed an alliance with the existing liberal anti-corruption party USR. Centre-right parties UDMR and PMP had chances to snatch a few MEP seats each if they passed the 5% electoral threshold.

The electoral campaign mainly focused on domestic concerns, but also an anti-Brussels rhetoric gained ground in the month before the election.

According to the preliminary results, ruling Social Democratic Party PSD came second at 22,56% and scored its weakest result in a decade. The party was dogged by controversy over its proposed justice reforms, with both the opposition and Brussels say it would weaken the fight against corruption in Romania. The positioning of the PSD in the European Parliament was uncertain after the Party of European Socialists froze relations with the party in April.

The main opposition party PNL, which belongs to the European People's Party, became the strongest force with around 26, 99%, while USR-PLUS won 22,28% of the vote, according to the preliminary results. These results suggested, that UDMR gained 5,76% and PMP 5,76% of the votes. Pro-Romania, the party of former PSD prime minister Victor Ponta, is set to have won about 6,76% of the votes.

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