2019 European Parliament election in Slovakia

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Reports, analyses and information on the electoral campaign and the aftermath of the European Parliament election held in Slovakia on 25 May 2019.

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The electoral campaign was dominated by domestic topics, such as the healthcare system.

Polls indicated that ruling social-democrat SMER-SD could become the strongest force. PS, which made a coalition with the liberal-conservative SPOLU party (Slovakia-SPOLU) were set to become second, closely followed by economically liberal and Eurosceptic SaS. Far-right L' SNS and Sme Rodina had also chances to gain seats in the European Parliament.

Slovakia-SPOLU, scored a surprising victory, coming first with 20,11%. SMER-SD, party of former Prime Minister Roberto Fico, came second with 15,72%, nearly 9% less than the party received five years ago. L'SNS won 12,07% of the votes. Sme Rodina did not gain a seat in the European Parliament, only getting 3,23% of the votes.

The voter turnout was 22,7% - a substantial improvement over 2014, when only 13,03% voted in the European election, the lowest turnout in all Europe.

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