2022 Rule of Law Report. The rule of law situation in the European Union

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Publication Date 13/07/2022
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Report published by the European Commission on 12 July 2022, assessing the situation in the European Union (EU) as a whole and in each Member State as regards the rule of law.

Further information:

The annual Rule of Law Report is at the centre of the Commission's Rule of Law Mechanism. This is yearly cycle aimed at promoting the rule of law and preventing problems from emerging or deepening further. It aims to improve understanding and awareness of issues, identify challenges and support countries in finding solutions. It also allows Member States to exchange best practice, discuss among themselves and learn from each other. The objective of the Mechanism is preventive and it is separate from other elements in the EU's Rule of Law Toolbox. It complements but it does not replace the Treaty-based mechanisms for the EU response to serious rule of law issues in Member States.

For the first time, the report includes specific recommendations to Member States, as announced by the President of the European Commission in her State of the European Union (SOTEU) address. In the country-specific reports, the Commission continued to deepen its assessments and follow-up on the challenges and developments identified in the previous reports. The report also covers, for the first time, some new topics that have emerged as relevant for ensuring the rule of law.

This annual report was published by the European Commission on 13 July 2022. It is the third annual Rule of Law Report issued by the Commission. The report is accompanied by individual chapters covering the reality in each EU Member State.

Source Link https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/ALL/?uri=COM:2022:500:FIN
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