5G for Europe: an action plan

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Publication Date 14/09/2016
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Communication - published by the European Commission in September 2016 - setting out an Action Plan for the introduction of 5G networks across the European Union (EU).

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The 5G Action Plan foresees a common calendar across the European Union for a coordinated 5G commercial launch in 2020, as well as joint work with Member States and industry stakeholders to identify and allocate spectrum bands for 5G, organise pan-European 5G trials, promote common global 5G standards and encourage the adoption of national 5G deployment roadmaps across all EU Member States. The provision of venture capital to start-ups developing 5G solutions is also considered.

This Communication was adopted on 14 September 2016, alongside a Communication aimed at overhauling telecoms rules. Just like the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy, it highlights the importance of very high capacity network like 5G as a key asset for global competition. The Action Plan complements and leverages the regulatory framework through a set of targeted actions. These draw on multiple consultations, events with stakeholders, a targeted survey, several studies, industry consultations, and early results from the 5G-PPP.

Source Link http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=COM:2016:588:FIN
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