A digital single market in Europe. Bringing down barriers to unlock online opportunities

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Publication Date July 2016
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This publication is a part of a series that explains what the EU does in different policy areas, why the EU is involved and what the results are.

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The EU single market offers European citizens and businesses significant freedoms and rights – to travel, trade or operate across the EU. These freedoms in turn mean innovations have the widest growth and spread, and citizens have the widest choices and opportunities. But today an increasing number of products and services are going digital or online. Whether you’re watching films or bidding for government contracts, shopping or studying, chances are you are (or could be) using online tools to do so.

Europeans often face barriers when using such online tools and services. This is even though the EU has spent decades bringing down those barriers ‘offline’. Those barriers can range from non‑transparent and disproportionately high delivery charges, to deliberate ‘geo‑blocking’ of services to restrict them to one country or region, to a lack of internet access or digital skills and a patchwork of different rules across the EU. This is why we need to create a digital single market in Europe: it is one of the 10 priorities of the European Commission.

Note: Previous editions of this document were published under the title 'Digital agenda for Europe. Rebooting Europe’s economy'.

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