A European Strategy for Labour

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Argues that Britain needed a better deal with the EU than that negotiated by Boris Johnson’s government: the economy was taking a hit, opinion polls showed that most Britons wantied a closer relationship and the tense geopolitical situation highlighted the value of greater co-operation with the EU. But a significant reset of the relationship had to await the arrival of a Labour government. Points out that it would be hard for a Labour government to make significant improvements to Johnson’s Brexit deal. The UK was not a priority for most European leaders and there was much scepticism about Labour’s willingness and ability to engineer a fundamental change in the UK-EU relationship. In many respects the Johnson Brexit deal suited the EU quite well and a Labour government would need to think carefully about how it could motivate European leaders to reopen it.

Source Link https://www.cer.eu/publications/archive/policy-brief/2023/european-strategy-labour
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  • https://www.cer.eu/sites/default/files/pb_CG_Labour_26.9.23.pdf
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