A Fresh Look at German Foreign Policy: The Next Six Decades Celebration marks the DGAP’s 60th anniversary and the conclusion of the Foreign Ministry’s ‘Review 2014’ project

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In 2014 Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier launched an extensive review of German foreign policy, inviting scores of political observers and commentators to offer their input. He presented the results at the foreign ministry in an official ceremony to celebrate the DGAP’s 60th anniversary in February 2015. The occasion could not be more fitting, he said, since the DGAP, too, has worked for 60 years in pursuit of the same ideal: a fresh look at German foreign policy.

'Crisis – Order – Europe' was the title of the final report from the year‑long project. The report described the medium‑term challenges facing German foreign policy, that is, crisis prevention, crisis management and post‑crisis support; shaping the elements of a new global order; and embedding German foreign policy even more firmly in Europe.

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