A geopolitical Commission? Beware the industrial-strategic gap in EU defence policy

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In 2017 the European Commission launched the European Defence Fund (EDF) , an industrial instrument that draws on the EU budget to promote defence-related research as well as the development of joint European military capabilities. Through the EDF, the Commission will become an important player in European defence policy and politics. Going forward, a key challenge is to ensure that the industrial tail does not wag the strategic dog, and the Commission’s vision for the future of the European defence industrial base is grounded in a common strategic vision. To ensure coherence between the industrial and strategic pillars of EU defence, the High Representative and Vice President (HRVP) should have the power to validate any decision regarding the allocation of EDF funds. After all, the HRVP is responsible for overseeing the development of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and works closely with the Member States to set the political and strategic direction of EU defence policy. His direct connection with the Member States and role as Vice President of the European Commission places the HRVP in an ideal position to bridge the strategic and industrial pillars of European defence.

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