A German Digital Grand Strategy. Integrating Digital Technology, Economic Competitiveness, and National Security in Times of Geopolitical Change

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Publication Date November 2022
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This report systematically outlines the state of play in digital policy and Berlin’s current policy approach. It provides 48 recommendations for strengthening Germany’s efforts to build a confident, high-performing European digital economy embedded in an open, democratic, and rules-based digital order.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction: A German Digital Grand Strategy
  • The Geopolitics of Digital Technology Innovation
  • Technology and Industrial Policy in an Age of Systemic Competition
  • Germany’s Role in Europe’s Digital Regulatory Power
  • Germany’s Economic Security and Technology
  • Germany’s Global Technology Diplomacy
  • Ethical and Operational: the German Military
Source Link https://dgap.org/en/research/publications/german-digital-grand-strategy
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  • https://dgap.org/system/files/article_pdfs/DGAP-Report-2022-07-EN_0.pdf
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