A more efficient and democratic decision making in EU energy and climate policy

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Series Details COM (2019) 177
Publication Date 09/04/2019
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Communication presented on 9 April 2019 by the European Commission calling for a strengthening of the democratic accountability of the decision-making process under the Euratom treaty.

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While enormous progress has been made in building the Energy Union during the last years, there are areas which have the potential of further improvement to achieve all the policy objectives. An important aspect of this forward-looking agenda on future energy policies involves examining how the Union takes decisions in this area.

This communication sets out possibilities for moving to the ordinary legislative procedure in matters of environmental and energy taxation and fuller involvement of the European Parliament and of national Parliaments in policy-making under the Euratom Treaty.

The communication was presented as part of a package accompanying the Commission's Fourth report on the state of the Energy Union.

Source Link https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=COM:2019:177:FIN
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