A political and economic dictionary of Eastern Europe

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Publication Date 2002
ISBN 1-85743-063-8
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Europa have added to their collection of world reference books with this latest title which offers a wealth of political and economic information about the Eastern European region. Since the early 1990s, following the collapse of communism in the area, this region has begun to play a more important role in European affairs and this book recognises the increasing need for detailed information about the countries, the people, the political parties and the organisations concerned.

Over 1,000 entries are brought together in the book with each one providing the reader with a concise definition of the issue concerned as well as further information where appropriate and contact details for any organisations listed. Twenty two countries in the Central and Eastern European region are all tackled by separate articles, which provide a structural description and historical survey of recent events, as well as a further article covering each country's economy. Ethnic groups, political parties, key political figures, geographical features and border disputes are also included.

While the alphabetical order of the entries makes the book easy to use, this is further enhanced by a county by country listing and an index of personal names at the back of the book. Even a list of international telephone codes is provided.

This book will provide students, librarians, teachers and businesses with an easy to use reference tool that will answer numerous queries about the Eastern European region and its issues.

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