A practitioner guide to the European Convention of Human Rights. 3rd edition

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Publication Date 2008
ISBN 978-1-847-03120-4
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A practical guide to making an application to the European Court of Human Rights, and a contextual guide to the Convention's approach, A Practitioner's Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights:

+Provides you with a full explanation of the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights as well as the European Court's approach to those principles

+Covers both the key procedural matters and points of principle established in recent case law

+Explains the what, when, how and why of introducing applications to the European Court, in a practical manner

+Presents a helpful checklist in the admissibility of cases, allowing you to establish the likely outcome of your case at the initial stages

+Includes detailed summaries of relevant case law and its impact on the European Court with examples to help strengthen your case

+Advises on dealing with problem areas covering every eventuality, providing answers to a variety of scenarios

+Highlights remedies and damages, to ensure that you are able to advise your client effectively on what they can expect

+Reproduces sections of relevant source material including practice directions, precedent application forms and tables of fees and damages, so that core statutory and related primary materials are to hand, and you have everything you need in one place

+Includes a guide to other sources of information that are available for practitioners, making further research quick and easy

Provides expertise that can be trusted and cited in court, written by a well-established and experienced practitioner

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