A Suitable Enemy. Racism, Migration and Islamophobia in Europe

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Publication Date 2009
ISBN 978-07-453279-21
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Liz Fekete is a leading authority on issues of racism, Islamophobia and national security legislation. A Suitable Enemy draws on sixteen years of research to present a comprehensive overview of EU immigration, asylum, race and security policies.

Fekete argues that at the same time as the EU introduces selective migration policies, it closes its borders against asylum seekers who were the first victims of the growth of the security state which now embraces Muslims. She explores the way in which anti-terrorist legislation has been used to evict undesirable migrants, how deportation policies commodify and de-humanise the most vulnerable and how these go hand in hand with evolving forms of racism, particularly Islamophobia.

At the heart of the book is an examination of xeno-racism -- a non-colour coded form of institutionalised racism -- where migrants who do not assimilate, or who are believed to be incapable of assimilation, are excluded.

Xeno-Racism and the Security State
1. The Emergence of Xeno-racism
2. Anti-Muslim Racism and the Security State
Islamophobia and Accusatory Processes
3. Enlightened Fundamentalism? Immigration, Feminism and the Right
4. The New McCarthyism
Detention and Deportation
5. The Deportation Machine
6. 'Speech Crime' and Deportation
The fight for Civil Rights
7. They Are Children Too
8. Islamophobia, Youth Resistance and the Meaning of Liberty

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