A Threatening Horizon: The Impact of the Welfare State on Support for Europe

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Series Details Vol.53, No.3, May 2015, p457-475
Publication Date May 2015
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Abstract: From the cradle to the grave, social protection is the major bond between citizen and national authority. European integration challenges the social boundaries of nation-states and this phenomenon is not without consequences for individual attitudes. Within public debate, there are many discussions about the impact of European integration on the welfare state, but conclusive analysis of the consequences on individual support for Europe is still lacking.

This article provides an empirical test of the relationship between support for Europe and attitudes towards the welfare state. The findings show that both welfare regimes and welfare issues have a strong impact on individual support for Europe. When it comes to social protection, the European Union works like a distant, albeit strong, threat for individuals.

Source Link http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/jcms.12196
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