A Transatlantic Pakistan Policy

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This report represents a modest attempt at identifying ways in which the United States and Europe can better work together to address the complex challenges related to Pakistan. Its main findings relate to four areas detailed in the subsequent sections. The recommendations are relevant to the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government, European governments, European Union institutions, transatlantic security organizations such as NATO, and non-government expert communities on both sides of the Atlantic. On nuclear proliferation, Dhruva Jaishankar argues that the United States and Europe should work more closely together to make Pakistan’s nuclear development — specifically, its development of tactical nuclear weapons — a greater international priority. On counterterrorism, John Rydqvist suggests that the United States and Europe need to establish a clearer division of labor on counterterrorism issues, including by realizing a clear role for the European Union. On civil-military relations and governance, Daniel Twining writes that the United States and Europe can do much more to focus their efforts on specific governance issues — such as energy and education — rather than spreading themselves too thin. Finally, on economic development, Andrew Small argues that the United States and Europe, as the largest providers of development assistance and export destinations, still have a role to play in transforming Pakistan’s economy from its current parlous state.

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