A Year of war in Europe: the balance sheet

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Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly expected a quick victory when his forces invaded Ukraine. He did not get it. Ukraine suffered terrible losses, but inflicted significant defeats on Russian forces. The West rallied to its aid. After decades of asking, Ukraine finally gained EU candidate status. The war was likely to continue for months, if not years. Ukraine could not afford to stop fighting, and Putin did not want to. Whenever the war ends, Europe would have changed irrevocably. Relations with Russia were likely to remain cold for the foreseeable future, while Ukraine would become much more deeply integrated with the EU.

Source Link https://www.cer.eu/publications/archive/policy-brief/2023/year-war-europe-balance-sheet
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  • https://www.cer.eu/sites/default/files/pbrief_ukraine_1year_22.2.23.pdf
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