Access to social benefits: reducing non-take-up

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Publication Date 2015
ISBN 978-92-897-1395-5
EC TJ-04-15-505-EN-N
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Many people in Europe do not receive the social benefits to which they are entitled. This is the case across countries and for many types of benefits. Addressing this ‘non-take-up’ of benefits is critical for two key reasons: benefits do not fulfil their objective if they do not reach the people they are aimed at; and some people in this situation are living in the most vulnerable circumstances.

This report maps where gaps have been identified between eligibility and take-up of social benefits and provides an overview of problems that people encounter in accessing benefits. It also examines strategies aimed at reducing the non-take-up of benefits. The report presents case studies from 10 EU Member States of various projects and programmes introduced by national and local governments and NGOs in an attempt to narrow the gap between take-up and entitlement. The case studies include measures aimed at simplifying application procedures, with the potential to reduce both non take-up and administrative cost.

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