Afghanistan 2011 versus Afghanistan 2001: the same country?

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Afghanistan. A country that suffers from a murderous group of religious fanatics. From endemic poverty. And from lack of infrastructure or development. But is this description of 2001 Afghanistan still apt for 2011 Afghanistan?

Features include:

+ Double vision - an Afghan-American view
Imagine being an Afghan-American in September and October 2001. Both your countries were attacked. One by the other. How did Afghan-Americans react? Where were their allegiances? And what could they do to help both countries? We asked an Afghan-American how he dealt with this dilemma.

+ My journey, my country
In 2008, NATO Review asked award-winning Afghan blogger Nasim Fekrat to illustrate how he saw his country. This month, as the country marks the 10th anniversary of the start of operations to oust the Taliban, we ask him what the biggest changes have been in the Afghanistan he knows.

+ Afghanistan's story in pictures
Afghanistan is a photojournalist's paradise. The light and colours make for great photos. The people make for engaging subjects. And the country's stories make for a gripping tale. Here, we publish some of the most striking images.

+ Teaming, Transparency, and Transition in Afghanistan Trainers play the central role in transition to Afghans leading Afghan security. Lieutenant General William Caldwell was the first man to head up the training mission designed to give Afghan trainers the skills they need. As he prepares to leave his post, he gives an assessment of what's been achieved - and what remains to be done

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