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Compilation of information resources focusing on the aftermath of the tenth elections for the European Parliament, held in June 2024. It seeks to provide an overview of the consequences of a new parliamentary configuration, including in the discussions on the appointments for the so-called European Union's (EU) top jobs.

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The elections produced a shift to the right in the European Parliament, with many centre-right and far-right parties improving on the previous parliamentary term. The immediate aftermath of the polls are characterised by negotiations between the EP's political groups and political parties that either may change their group membership or were elected for the first time. The polls led to an increase of non-aligned and newcomers in the chamber, which may or may not integrate political groups. Media outlets focused on the discussions held within the far-right to capitalise on the electoral gains achieved in the elections. This section of the political spectrum eventually became divided into three separate groups - the ECR group led by Italy's FdI and Poland's PiS, the PfE group led by France's RN and Hungary's Fidesz, and the ESN group led by German's AfD.

Parallel discussions are held among national leaders within the European Council to distribute the leading jobs in the main EU institutions, taking into account the new balance of power within the European Parliament. Media outlets reported on a early, apparent consensus that comprised a second term for Ursula von der Leyen (EPP) as President of the European Commission, former Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa (S&D) for the presidency of the European Council and a figure from the centrist Renew Europe as the EU's new High-Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, such as Estonia's Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

These names continued to be highlighted in different media spheres despite the lack of agreement following an informal meeting of heads of state and government on 17 June. Analysts pointed to the exclusion of the far-right ECR group - led by Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni - from the proposed package. Even so, media outlets confirmed on 25 June that an agreement amongst leaders had been found on the names for the EU top jobs for the upcoming term.

The decision was formally announced following a meeting of the European Council on 27 June. António Costa was elected for a mandate of 2.5 years starting in December 2024, whereas Ursula von der Leyen and Kaja Kallas were put forward as the candidates, respectively, for the presidency of the European Commission and as the EU's top diplomat. The latter names would still require endorsement by the plenary of the European Parliament. The European Council also adopted the EU's Strategic Agenda for the period 2024-2029, which provides the political orientations for the forthcoming parliamentary term.

The first plenary session of the configuration of the European Parliament began on 16 July. Roberta Metsola was re-elected as President of the European Parliament, as well as the parliament's Vice-Presidencies. Upon presenting her Political Guidelines for the forthcoming College of Commissioners to the plenary session , Ursula von der Leyen was re-elected as President of the European Commission on 18 July.

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