Against the flow: Europe’s role in kickstarting Algeria’s green transition

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Publication Date October 2022
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  • Russia’s war on Ukraine has reshaped European energy markets and lent new urgency to the EU’s decarbonisation plans, altering the incentives of the bloc’s energy partners.
  • Surging demand for Algeria’s oil and gas exports has temporarily undercut pressure for domestic reform, including in the energy sector.
  • But growing local energy consumption and European plans to reduce fossil fuel imports in favour of renewables threaten Algeria’s rentier system.
  • The country’s leaders have taken only minimal steps to build renewable energy capacity and remain fixated on raising hydrocarbon investment.
  • While Algeria has little spare capacity to increase its hydrocarbon exports in the short term, it holds far more promise for Europe as a long-term partner in renewable energy.
  • Europe’s ambitious climate goals, deep pockets, and technical expertise make it well placed to help Algeria kick-start a robust energy transition – if the country chooses to go along.
  • At a high-level energy dialogue this month, EU and Algerian officials will convene for the first of many discussions to reshape the future of their energy partnership.
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