An Appraisal of the European Commission of Crisis. Has the Juncker Commission delivered a new start for EU Justice and Home Affairs?

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Publication Date 21/01/2019
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Has the Juncker Commission delivered a “new start” for EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) policies? This book examines the question in relation to the performance of the European Commission’s intra-institutional setting while taking stock of the most relevant legislative developments and acts in the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ) from 2014 up to the end of 2018. These developments are critically assessed in view of the rule of law and fundamental rights standards enshrined in the Treaties and the EU’s Better Regulation commitments. The book argues that this has been the Commission of crisis and that the 'politics of crisis’ have not benefited the Juncker Commission overall. They have allowed for greater intergovernmentalism, rule of law backsliding, informalisation and exceptionalism in EU AFSJ policies. The book puts forward a set of policy priorities for the next Commission term from mid-2019. It recommends unequivocally placing EU founding principles first – rule of law, fundamental rights and democracy – as these reinforce each other and work together in safeguarding the constitutional core of the EU and its member states. They are also key ingredients for ensuring the legitimation and credibility of European integration and maintaining social trust.

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