An Assessment of the Economic Impact of Brexit on the EU 27

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Series Details March 2017
Publication Date March 2017
ISBN 978-92-846-0805-8
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Please note: Each EPRS Study is assigned a DOI (digital object identifier), which is a safe and long term way of ensuring a hyperlink to the full text of this report. However, when ESO creates this record, on occasion the DOI still has not been activated by the EU Bookshop. If you find the source url hyperlink does not work please use the alternative location hyperlink listed as a related url.This paper, managed by the Policy Department on Economic and Scientific Policies for the European Parliament Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection, assessed the likely impact of Brexit on EU27, together with some scenarios for the terms of the UK’s secession.

For the EU 27, the losses are found to be virtually insignificant, and hardly noticed in the aggregate. By contrast, for the UK, the losses could be highly significant, with various estimates up to ten times greater as a share of GDP.

Impacts on some Member States – in particular Ireland – and some sectors in the EU27 could be more pronounced than the average for the EU27.

Authors: Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels
Michael Emerson, Matthias Busse, Mattia Di Salvo, Daniel Gros and Jacques Pelkmans

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