Neo-nazis enter the Greek Parliament

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Publication Date July 2012
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In Greece’s twin elections of 6 May and 12 June 2012, amidst an unprecedented financial and social crisis, the 'Chryssi Avgi' organisation, which means 'Golden Dawn', won about 7% of the vote in both instances.... The 'Golden Dawn' organisation believes in the superiority of the Greek nation and the white 'race', is hostile to immigrants and the homosexuals, Marxism and multiculturalism, and has an anti-Semitic ideology that defends the activities of the paramilitaries who collaborated with the German Army during the Occupation. Although its leadership does not describe the organisation as fascist or neo-nazi, they salute in a way that is reminscent of Hitler, cite Rudolf Hess as a 'hero' in their journal, participate in gatherings of far right groups from all over Europe and frequently visit Berlin where they assemble to commemorate the anniversary of Hitler’s defeat.

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