Andalusian regional election, 2 December 2018

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An election was held in the Spanish region of Andalusia on 2 December 2018 to elect members to the regional parliament. The socialist PSOE suffered a considerable decrease in the vote share, despite remaining the most voted single party. The far-right VOX party obtained the biggest gain, allowing it to enter the regional chamber for the first time.

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The election results made it unlikely for the PSOE to remain in power, after holding the regional cabinet for 36 years. The conservative Partido Popular (People's Party - PP) and the centrist Ciudadanos vowed to reach a government agreement, potentially bringing VOX into the formula too.

The outgoing cabinet leader, PSOE's Susana Díaz called for early elections reportedly to guarantee stability as polls suggested the party would be able to secure an easy win. The electoral outcome turned out to be very different, with analysts pointing to a political earthquake in Andalucía. Following the announcement of the results, Ms Díaz recognised the loss of support but urged the opposition parties not to team up with the far-right.

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