Anderson to be first lady of Coreper

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Series Details 24/05/01, Volume 7, Number 21
Publication Date 24/05/2001
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Date: 24/05/01

The EU's oldest gentlemen's club is about to be broken open. Anne Anderson, currently Irish ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, is set to become the first woman to join the exclusively male group of ambassadors to the Union, known as Coreper.

Anderson, who is expected to take over from current Irish Perm Rep Dennis O'Leary in the autumn, earned herself a tough reputation in Geneva where she worked on human rights issues. In one debate when the Burmese ambassador remarked that “When a woman says no she really means yes,” it was Anderson who delivered a fierce tongue-lashing, pointing out the offensive nature of his remark.

Having handled Burma's infamous junta should have equipped her well for the Coreper bear pit.

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