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Publication Date 2022
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The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) Annual Report for 2021 highlights the key developments and market trends in the electronic communications sector in Europe over the past 12 months, focusing on market dynamics and the development of European Union public policies and regulatory practices.

The report presents the perspectives of BEREC, based on the expertise and knowledge of the member national regulatory authorities (NRAs). In addition, the report describes BEREC’s own contribution to the development of the electronic communications sector in Europe. The analysis presented in this report includes qualitative reasoning based on information from BEREC Working Group (WG) activity, and quantitative data based on periodic BEREC data collection exercises and other public documents.

Further information:

BEREC publishes its annual report on its activities and an annual report on developments in the sector as part of a single document. Whereas the Annual Report on BEREC’s activities focuses on the outcomes of the work of its WGs and ad-hoc teams based on the Work Programme, the Annual Report on developments in the electronic communications sector summarises BEREC’s views on the past year and provides its perspective on future developments and challenges in the sector.

Following the decision taken by the BoR in 2013, the two reports are presented as two parts (A and B) of a single document and are published together.

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