Anti-Western Narratives in Romania

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Publication Date December 2021
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The rise of right-wing nationalists’ popularity has affected Romania too. The case study from Funky Citizens’ Elena Calistru and Laura Burtan follows the rhetoric and social media communication by Alianţa pentru Unirea Românilor (The Alliance for the Unification of Romanians or AUR) and demonstrates how it uses the narratives undermining trust in democracy and Transatlantic unity for their own gains.

As the authors write, while the party is openly labelling Russia as a threat for Romania, “the anti-systemic orientation of the party and its emphasis on spreading a certain brand of nationalism tainted with anti-Western and illiberal tendencies still provides an ideal vehicle for [the Kremlin’s] propaganda to travel through. The unequivocal overlap of narratives diffused by Russian propaganda sources and those shared by AUR through its members contributes to the mainstreaming of narratives that previously lied at the fringe corners of public conversation.”

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